Sunday, October 10, 2010

Every Single Day…

…I wake up to the sound of my munchkin playing in his crib.

…we cuddle while he drinks his milk and watch Disney

…he is up and running shortly thereafter

…I cook at least one meal with him pulling on my shirt saying up up up

…I take a shower with him destroying my bedroom

…we sing at least 2 nap time songs

…I try to spend naptime with my crafts

…we read at least 3 books

…I worry that I am not doing a good enough job

…I think about how it will be with more than one munchkin

…I marvel over something the munchkin says or does

…we sing at least 2 bedtime songs

…I sneak into his room about an hour after he falls asleep and fall in love all over again

…I thank God for my sweet little boy and wonderful husband

2 sweet sentiments:


my sweet little big boy is now 6 and I miss those mornings watching Disney & PBS sprout! Soak up every second! He will still cuddle with me but I know that its going to be short lived! maybe he will oblige my requests every once in awhile when he get to be a teen! have a blessed week!


what a sweet post.
my baby boys are 28 and 29 - how can that be?
now I spend many of my days with 2 sweet grandbabies. The days with babies may be long but the years are short.

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