Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well it was a "Great Deal Alert!!"

Sorry for those of you who tried this. I think they got wise to the awesome deal and discontinuted it. Although Plum District is still a pretty sweet site for some good deals if you keep an eye on it.

You can get a $30 gift card for FREE to I just tried it and got this for my son.


Ok, hurry and do this because I think it expires soon - I found it on one of my mom message boards and thought I'd pass it along.

1. Sign up for Plum District.
2. Add the deal for Kitsel to your cart (right hand side).
3. In the promotional code area on the checkout page, type in the code WELCOME for $5 off.
4. Once you see the $5 credit, again in the same promotional box, type in KITSEL for another $10 off. This will take $10 off your total, which will bring your checkout total to $0!
5. It will automatically put the coupon for Kitsel in your account & you can start shopping right away. You get a FREE $30 gift card.

The gift card doesn’t cover shipping and if you don’t use the whole certificate you can’t use the balance later.

The site is a bit expensive, but for a free $30 gift card beggars can’t be choosers. :)

Oh and if you sign up and get the gift card, I get $10 for the Plum District website. You can refer friends and do the same!!!

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