Saturday, June 26, 2010

Overdue projects

We moved into our house a year and a half ago. I have been wanting to sew shower curtains for our guest bathroom and the kid's bathroom since then. Oh, and also a small curtain for the window next to our front door. A stinking year and a half!!! I have a fully stocked craft room that has been rearranged at least 3 times and I still haven't done the projects. Today that came to an end.

I finished the front curtain.
This one was a pretty easy one. Sorry, I didn't take step but step pics but here's how I did it. I picked some sheer, curtain fabric from the fabric store. My window measured 6' by 1'. The width didn't play too big a role because it bunched. You need at least double the width. I cut it 5" longer than the length of the window. On each side, I put a 1/2" hem in then a 2" rod pocket. I didn't sew the sides because I didn't trim them and the selvages are hidden in the bunches. Add a few tension rods and you are all set. Now I can hide from the solicitors who frequently pay me visits.

I also finished decorating my guest bathroom.

The ceilings in our house are taller than standard which means that we couldn't purchase standard curtains. So I made them! You can't really tell, but the print is a beautiful blue green and brown paisley. The embellishments in the middle are iron on appliques that I cut from the coordinating fabric. I used the heavy duty Heat and Bond so I didn't have to stitch around them. I folded the hem on top over 4 times to make it a little bit stiffer, then I stitched button holes for the curtain rings. ( I used the liner for spacing)

For the towels I used scraps from the curtain. The "non-fuzzy" part about 3" up is about 1" wide. I took a scrap that was the width of the towel by 3" and ironed it into thirds. (sheesh this is hard to describe. Next time more pics.) Then I just stitched on. I considered ruffles, but I wanted to make cleaner lines.
One more bathroom that will have to wait until the 4th of July fabric store sale then I am on to more fun and interesting projects. I don't have to feel guilty about doing them with the house decorating projects finished. (for now)

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The Poole's

I love the shower curtain. Very nice! You did a great job. It's about time you started sharing your creations with the rest of us. :)


YAY! My first comment!! Yeah I decided to the other day when I was feeling accomplished and wanted to tell someone about it but couldn't get in touch with anyone cause it was too late. I figured I could put it on my blog and tell the world! :)

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