Friday, June 25, 2010

Bread Making

I am writing this post to experiment with adding pictures.
For Christmas last year my husband had a beautiful bread machine waiting for me under the tree. I had been wanting to make bread when Johnny got old enough to eat it. I also got the Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook. Upon opening the bread machine, I figured that the recipes that came with it were the best, given that the manufacturer had created them exactly for this machine. I liked the bread but it was very dense. So about a month or so later I started to get creative and wanted to branch out from white and wheat. I opened the cookbook and was amazed at all of the possibilities. I tried a plain white first just to compare. Tons better! Now I try to use a different recipe as often as possible.

Today was honey wheat and I added some chopped up dates for a little breakfast treat for the baby. It isn't really that dark on the bottom, just the lighting.

So, this post was my experiment with two things. I had a great success with a new kind of bread. It turned out very yummy with sweet little surprises. Also, it was a learning experience with adding photos. Note to self: 1. The camera has seen better days. This looked way better in real life. 2. The date doesn't need to be added to every picture. You need to change the settings.
Heading out to run errands. Craft blog to come soon!

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